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Product Design (UX/UI) Manual

Product Design Manual

This is an on-demand course for those that want video access, interactive quizzes and design prompts and portfolio building tips

Product Design (UX/UI) Master Course

Product Design Bootcamp

This is our immersive, tailored experience designed to give you the knowledge, skills and 1:1 support you need to become a successful UX/UI or Product Designer.

74+ HD Video Lessons Original video lessons Shape Shape
Interactive Quizzes To test your knowledge Shape Shape
Worksheets and Resources Downloadable design files Shape Shape
Discounts to Design Apps 50% off Sketch app and more! Shape Shape
New Lessons and Updates Content is always up-to-date and expanding Shape Shape
1:1 Strategy Session To create a custom learning and career plan Shape Shape
Exercise Feedback Get input on your work Shape Shape
Mindful Design Community Join our private comminty and build your network Shape Shape
Portfolio Creation and Review Get yourself job ready Shape Shape
Career Guidance Get help preparing for the job search Shape Shape
Certificate of Completion Issued upon successful completion Shape Shape
Linkedin License Badge Let employers know you’ve got the skills they need! Shape Shape
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