As designers and creatives hustling through these difficult and uncertain times, we have a heavy collective burden to bare.

In the coming weeks we’ll be continuing to share encouraging, positive and useful resources about design, mindfulness and remote work to help lighten our load.

We send our love to all of you, dear readers. Stay healthy and safe.
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Mindfulness: Our Strongest Defense Against Coronavirus
Mindfulness: Our Strongest Defense Against Coronavirus
A shift in our collective social fabric, our work systems, our economy, in our lives; COVID-19 has left us in a state of uncertainty and fear. But our greatest defense against this invisible force already lies within us.
Breaking Through Burnout
I’m excited to be a guest speaker on the upcoming interview series hosted by my friend Megan Sanchez. Megan is a health and lifestyle coach who’s dedicated to helping people kick burnout to the curb and design a better way of living.

This free online series is all about reclaiming your energy and unlocking creativity to live on purpose.

It will air from April 20th to May 18th.
Product Design (UX/UI) Master Course is open for enrollment! Check out the details here →