Today we're talking about mental health and the about the myths and stigmas that often face individuals from ethic and immigrant backgrounds as well as those that are considered high-functioning. Join me for an interview with Dr. Munn Saechao as we discuss the barriers to seeking mental health help and striking a balance between our digital and mental spaces.

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Show Notes:

What motivated Dr. Munn to get into the field of psychology and mental health [2:07]

Dr. Munn's story as a child of refugees [4:10]

How immigrants and diverse populations view therapy and psychology [12:01]

Normalizing mental health; taking care of our minds is no different than taking care of our bodies [16:25]

You don't have to have a mental disorder or severe anxiety or depression to seek therapy [20:43]

Tech isolation, burn out, cyber bullying and the way we express the need to connect [29:43]

Finding the balance between the digital world and being in touch with the physical world [32:26]

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