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Most Influential Product Design UI and UX Blogs to Learn From

Whether you are just getting started and exploring UX, UI and Product Design for the first time or youโ€™re a seasoned product, UX/UI designer or design leader looking to deepen your knowledge, these influential UX, UI and Product Design publications are sure to help you sharpen your skills, stay up-to-date and get inspired by current design practices, and processes and tools.

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UX Collective

Think pieces and tutorials on UX, UI and Product Design

UX Collective Homepage
UX Collective

UX Collective is an independent design publication and blog on Medium of curated stories on user experience (UX), visual, and product design created to help designers think more critically about their work. We enjoy reading the thought-provoking pieces from professionals and experts in the product design space and the systems and models they implement in their processes and practice of UX and UI design.

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UX Planet

UI, Visual design tutorials and think pieces for designers

UX Planet homepage
UX Planet

A Medium blog by Smashing Magazine Editor in Chief Nick Babich. UX Planet features great articles and think pieces for UI designers that want to improve their visual design as well as more unique and outside-of-the-box design content like Metaverse Design. Itโ€™s also a great place to find Figma resources and tutorials and inspiration and walkthroughs of designing specific flows and apps.

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Invision Inside Design

News, articles and events on digital product design

Invision blog homepage
Invision blog

Invisionโ€™s design blog is hub of information around making loveable products, industry and design trends and UX conferences and events. This blog is a great one to follow to keep your finger on the pulse of whatโ€™s new and innvovative in design and collaboration with lots of behind-the-scenes conversations, interviews and trend reports and surveys from the design community.

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DesignerUp Blog

Product, UX/UI and mindful design articles

DesignerUp Blog Homepage
DesignerUp Blog

DesignerUp creates original content around UI design, UX process and product design careers. There is also a focus on soft-skills for designers, mental health and mindset; such as dealing with imposter syndrome and practical UI design lessons like Color Theory for UI design. Youโ€™ll also find articles on transitioning into UX, freelance, business and great roundups for product designers.

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Dropbox Design Blog

Resources for designers and design leaders

Dropbox Design Homepage
Dropbox Design 

A wonderful resource that explores design culture, inspiration, branding, research and writing. There are great articles here to help you deal with product design backlog, understanding the business of design, UX writing and many other categories of design topics to explore.

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Figma Blog

Think pieces and news from the team at Figma

Figma Blog homepage
Figma Blog 

As the leading UI design software among todayโ€™s modern product designers, Figmaโ€™s own design blog has great content that features announcements about Figma and Figjamโ€™s latest products and features as well as interviews and conversations with industry experts on how they use Figma in their workflows, on their teams and within their organizations.

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Apple & Banana

UX Research Blog

Apple & Banana homepage
Apple & Banana blog

One of my our blogs for UX Researchers. This easy to navigate site categorizes topics into 3 main areas - Application, Perspectives, and Collaboration. There are wonderful common UX researcher mistakes and interviews with user research professionals.

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Product, UX and dev blog

Prototypr blog homepage
Prototypr blog

Prototypr is a publication on Medium that features design articles and posts from a variety of authors. Their curation is focused on content that explores lessons learned from designers, career and portfolio building as well as tutorials on design and no-code tools like webflow.

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Boxes and Arrows

Articles about design process, business and collaboration

Boxes and Arrows homepage
Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture, and the design of business.

This is a great resource for exploring the interaction, business and collaboration side of design. They feature deep-dive articles on Branding, Information architecture concepts, systems thinking and other holistic approaches to the design and development process.

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Usability Geek

UX and usability content

Usability Geek homepage
Usability Geek 

Usability Geek is a blog that provides practical and useful insights into topics like Usability, User Experience (UX), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Information Architecture (IA) and related fields. They post articles on design and development trends, user and usability testing, UX job and career tips, as well as covering other topics around good design and usability principles and techniques.

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UX, strategy and product blog

UXbooth blog homepage
UXbooth blog

A publication aimed at beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers. This ย is one of our favorite sources for articles on usability hierstics in theory as well as application. It covers topics like ResearchOps, Content strategy for UX designers, Applying Behavioral Science to UX and other great UX research deep dives on niche topics like Diversity in Health Tech Products and Conversational Design.

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UX Pin blog

UX, prototyping and design systems content

UX pin blog homepage
UX pin blog

This is a great blog for those interested in UI design, visual design, UX case study analysis and other write-up that review and breakdown user interfaces and user experiences of popular apps. It also features tutorials and hows-tos on UI design and prototyping.

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A List Apart

Design and web development standards

A list apart
A list apart blog

A List Apart is a long-standing blog that explores design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. Some of our favorites are the interesting edge-of-design pieces around voice content and usability, asynchronous design critiques and sustainable web design.

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Nothing beats putting insights from blogs like these into action. If you're ready to get hands-on and learn end-to-end product (UX/UI) design have a look at our course

Courtside: Dribbble Blog

Career stories, design inspiration tips and guides

Dribbble courtside blog homepage
Dribbble blog

Staying true to the basketball metaphor Dribbbleโ€™s courtside blog features content around practice UI design tips, career transitioning, visual and UI design trends and resources.

Visit the blog ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ

Shaping Design

Editor X Blog

Editor X blog homepage
Editor X Blog

A blog created by Editor X site builder, they feature articles and content that covers UX/UI, no-code solutions, web 3.0 as well as unique interviews and freelance and client relations.

Visit the blog ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ

Too many blogs to keep track of? I recommend using a blog aggregator.

Using Feedly to Read Blogs in one place

Weโ€™re really big fans of Feedly and have been recommending it to our DesignerUp students to help them keep track of and declutter all of the blogs and content their consuming. Hereโ€™s a quick little walkthrough of how you can use it.

Gif showing how to use Feedly
  1. Create a free account on
  2. Copy the URL of the blog you want to read
  3. Click on the RSS feed icon
  4. Paste the URL into the and hit enter
  5. Select the blog from the search results
  6. Click the follow button to add it to your Feeds in the left side-bar
  7. You can also create folders to categorize and organize your feeds or add them to board so that you can refer back to them and share them.
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