Product Design (UI/UX)
Master Course

Learn the skills to effectively research, design
and create delightful digital products for actual humans.

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The Course

In this course you'll learn to apply design thinking and mindful design and interaction practices to execute the entire cycle of digital product user experience design. We’ll walk you through the theory and practical applications of User Experience Design (UXD) and User Interface (UI) Design so you can create delightful and useful digital products. From ideation to finished product, you’ll come away with ability to create web apps that people will pay you to use or hire you to design.

Why these courses exists

Absolutely every digital product we interact with has been 'designed' is some way. User experience extends throughout all industries and products.

Whether you want to break into the field of UX/UI design or you want to level-up your UX/UI skills. There has never been a greater need to understand and develop the skills required to effectively research, design and build digital products for actual humans.

What this course has to offer

You’ll learn more than just theory - you'll learn how all the parts and roles fits together, see how it’s done and then do it yourself. From the moment you start the course you'll be conducting surveys, creating personas, branding your product, deciding on your MVP features and designing the UI.

By the end you'll not only have mastered the UX research page and how to create meaningful deliverables, but also how to design pixel perfect UIs and prototypes with solid design principles and have a total understanding of how it all correlates to business goals and technical requirements so you can actually create products that people will pay you to use or hire you to design.

Why you need this course

Unlike other bootcamps our Product Design Mastercourse is 100% original, stimulating and interactive video content and truly 'learn at your own pace'. If you are busy, like most of us are, this is the kind of course that fits into your schedule and your budget. If you're serious about learning and honing the skills to get you hired in the field of UI/UX or build your own successful products, this is the mastercourse for you.

How other courses stack up

  • Price
  • Location
  • Cirriculum content
  • At your own pace
  • Mobile offline viewing
  • UI focused
  • UX focused
  • Business focused
  • Designlab
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  • Online
  • Articles from the web
  • No, full-time
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  • Lightly
  • Heavily
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  • In person
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  • No, 12 weeks
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  • No, part-time
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  • DesignerUp
  • $597
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  • Yes
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This course is for you if...

  • You're a designer who wants to get better at UI/UX design, design thinking, design systems and component design.

  • You're a developer who wants to learn how to design interfaces and think like a designer.

  • You want to get into a career in UX or UI that fulfills you creatively and financially.

  • You want to create freelance income by designing products for clients.

  • You've been through a design bootcamp but find it hard to apply what you’ve learned.

  • You're a founder, PM, Marketer or Business person that wants to refine the entire experience of your product.

Course Curriculum

Our curriculum features 7 modules that are brimming with incredibly focused, original video lessons, resources, exercises, quizzes and more that have been designed to maximize how much you are able to retain, retrieve and apply from your learning journey and prepare you to be a highly paid and skilled UI/UX designer.

Bonuses included!

  • Future Updates

  • Worksheets

  • Project Files

  • Cheat Sheets

  • Quizzes

  • Private Slack Channel


$597 One-Time Fee
Payment Plans

We offer monthly payment options available so you don't have to come up with it all at once.

Refund Policy

If you try out the course, do the work and are unhappy with it, we'll give you your money back.

About The Instructor

Elizabeth Alli


Elizabeth is a mindful UI/UX designer, that has spent the last 11 years consulting and creating elegant and human-centered products and experiences for web and mobile. She is the co-founder of DesignerUp School and has a number of successful startups under her belt.

"I've seen how design can affect and shape entire industries and foster great innovation and create opportunities for personal and collective growth. I hope to continue contributing positively to that for years to come".

What our students say...

"Elizabeth was very helpful. She was able to answer all my questions and gave me tons of tips. She's very knowledgeable and approachable. I'm grateful that she is my mentor."

- Be Pham, UI/UX Designer

"Liz went above and beyond to address all of my concerns both related to my work, the tools, but also as it relates to my considerations as I contemplate a career change."

- Danielle Snook, Marketing Researcher/Aspiring Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

I know nothing about design is this course for me?
Yes, this course teaches you the fundamentals and then ramps up and builds into the intermediate and very complex aspects of product design. It's based on sound principles of pedagogy (the science and art of how to teach and how people learn). So no matter what your level, these courses and strategically designed to ensure that you 'get it' and get it quickly.
I have been designing for a while is this course for me?
Maybe you are coming from another design disciple like graphic or visual design or are already a working UI or UX designer but notice some gaps in your design knowledge. This course goes very very in-depth and ramps up with a teaching model that is proven to boost your existing knowledge and introduce you to new ways of thinking
Is this course for mobile app designers?
In short yes, while we are not designing a mobile app specifically in this course the principles and techniques that are taught and all focused on user 'interfaces' and solving problems from a user's perspective and are applicable to any and all digital product where user's interface with screens
Do you do career placement after the course ends.
No. Unlike some of the other bootcamps out there we don't guarantee a position for you but we do prepare you with all the skills you need to get hired and succeed in the work that you do. If you are interested in career placement and afford the cost and time requirements we recommend checking out DesignLab's UX academy.
Do you pair me with a mentor?
Our course is self-paced and created for busy creatives. After the course launch (in about 2 weeks) we will be closing enrollment so that Elizabeth can go through the entire course with the cohort. The DesignerUp team will be answering questions and supporting you through a private slack channel. If you choose to take the course at your own pace or skip certain modules that's cool too! Our student community and the DesignerUp team will always be available in the Facebook group to support you.
I'm not sure I can afford it right now
Fair enough. But we want you to know that getting the course now is better than getting it at any other time in the future. This is the lowest price it will ever be! Best of all you get free updates for life. The industry changes so fast and so this course, you buy it once and we'll keep you up with the pace of the industry whenever we release an update, how's that for a sound investment?

We also offer a payment plan so you don't have to come up with it all at once.

If purchasing this course will leave you in a really bad spot, please don't push yourself to purchase it now, but if it's fear or uncertainty that's stopping you, you don't need to be afraid because if you try the course, do the work and you don't find it incredibly useful and get life-changing value from it, we'll give you your money back! Yep that's right, there's totally no risk.
How long do I get access to the course?
How does for life sound? Buy it once, keep it forever.
What am I purchasing exactly?
You get the entire course, in the form of video lessons, downloadable resources and interactive quizzes, access to a private Slack channel and community Facebook group. You can view your lessons from your mobile device, online AND offline from anywhere.
How much time do I have to put into the course?
Since the course is self-paced you can put in the time whenever you are available. There are over 50 short digestible lessons that are on average about 3-6 minutes each. Elizabeth is a studied pedagog who understands the science of how to teach and how people learn. We promise this course will absolutely maximize your time and give you a transformation with the least amount of cognitive friction.
Are longer courses are bootcamps better?
Beware courses that promote 20+ hours of video. These types of lessons can be hard to absorb and can leave beginners with cognitive overload and more seasoned designers bored. This course hit the sweet spot regardless of your level because of our style of science-based mindful design and interaction teaching. If you want to learn more about our teaching method check out our mindful design and interaction series and our podcast interview with behavioral psychologist Dr. Munn.
Can I get my employer to pay for the course?
Yes! Many employers are happy to invest in your continued education. Read more here about the information employees might need.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Try the course for 14 days if you do the work and you don't find it incredibly useful and get life-changing value from it, we'll give you your money back! Yep that's right, it's totally no risk and remember that the course is only going to keep getting better with new lessons added and improvements to existing ones. Your feedback will only make the course better over time.