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Note taking app for online courses


About Beastnotes

A notebook for online courses.

Focus on lectures by taking notes inside of your course program, learn effectively by understanding your study habits, and stay motivated by collaborating with peers.

Beastnotes integrates with DesignerUp's Product Design (UX/UI) course platform so you can take notes right within the lesson. Just add the browser extension and you'll see it appear inside your course.

Here are some ways you can use it:
  1. Take notes while focusing on the lecture content. No more tabbing through apps or scribbling frantically on paper.
  2. Use a familiar textbook hierarchy to structure notes according to your course.
  3. Notes are linked to the course webpage you typed them on. Review them when re-watching lectures.
  4. Exchange study notes with peers and other learners. Upvote the best notes you save.
  5. Trace time spent to better plan when you learn. Receive weekly learning reports to help you get more efficient.

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