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Icon54 Icons

A collection of 5,000 vector icons

Icon54 Icons

About Icon54 Icons

The World’s Sharpest Icons.

5,000 unique icons in 101 different categories. Drawn by hand and designed to perfection.

All icons are designed to precision on a grid system which ensures consistency and the sharpest display. We use a 24px grid for Android and 30px grid for iOS.

Here are some ways you can use them:
  • You can easily change the color, size, orientation, shadow and more. 
  • Smart Strokes with Illustrator or Sketch to adjust the stroke width and thickness.
  • 7 different formats for full flexibility with all different software, applications and more. That will cover all of your project needs.
  • Choose from two different icon styles (over 10,000 line & solid icons)
  • Save time when searching for icons with descriptive categories & keywords.

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