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A tool to organize and finder your icons and illustrations.


About IconJar

Organize your icons all in one place, on your computer.

Good icons and illustrations are essential to creating great web designs, user interfaces and user experiences. But when we're ready to start design it's always a chore to find the right ones, download them, get them into our design software and then search for them again when we need to update or change them. The old way of organizing them in folders on your computer or starting from scratch every time is a terrible time waister.

IconJar takes care of this!

Here's what you can do with it:
  • Download the app to your Mac
  • Download open source icon sets in as many styles as you want
  • Drag and drop them into the app
  • IconJar automatically organizes, tags and cleans up your icons
  • You can now search, tag, categorize and find the perfect one
  • Export in bulk or in SVGs for your design, presentations and code

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