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Organize and manage everything with Notion


About Notion

Notion is an incredible project management system that lets you create individual workspaces and collaborate with other people to manage projects or even just your day-to-day life. You can start with pre-made templates or build something from scratch that is completely unique to your needs! Our DesignerUp students use our custom pre-built Notion workspace to manage their entire Product (UX/UI) Design cycle. Whether it's interviewing users, creating surveys, creating mood boards, building their UX portfolio and case studies or even creating an entire design system! All DesignerUp students get access to our templates entirely for free when they enroll in our Product (UX/UI) Design Course.

Here are some ways your can use it:
  • Manage your UX research 
  • Collect design inspiration and create moods boards that you can share with others
  • Embed interactive prototypes from third-party apps like Figma
  • Create and publish complete websites and webpages live to the web
  • Create your portfolio website
  • Use it as a content management system or editorial calendar
  • Create your own database structures and views to manage content and rich media however you want


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