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Powerful research tools for improving usability of your digital products, from prototypes to production.


About UXtweak

UXtweak is an all-in-one solution to make data-driven decisions. You can conduct studies, do user research, run usability test, recruit participants and analyze your results and reports all in one place!

Here are some things you can do with UXtweak:
  • Find out what users think about your site’s content. Increase findability and discoverability of key information.
  • Know where and why users get lost and fix it. Make your navigation intuitive.
  • Discover what difficulties users encounter in your mobile app, website or prototype.
  • Examine if user’s first click leads in the right or an unexpected direction. Design pages that guide users towards success.
  • Measure how users interact with prototypes. Evaluate design flows early, easily and effectively.
  • Obtain screen and voice recordings of your participants’ behavior on your website and discover what difficulties they encounter.
  • Ask participants which design from a group they prefer most. Learn about their perspectives and the deciding factors.
  • Find how users remember your designs after five seconds. Deliver your message clearly and make great first impressions.
and so much more!

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