Product Design (UX/UI) Bootcamp

A tailor-made learning experience created just for you.

1:1 Instruction
Job Matching

Program Overview

Our program is an immersive, tailored experience designed to give you the knowledge, skills and 1:1 support you need to become a successful UX/UI or Product Designer.

Guided Learning Made for You

Guided Learning Made for You

When you first step into our program, you'll meet with your instructor for a 1:1 strategy session where they will get to know you, your learning style and career goals. From there you will receive a customized learning plan and on-going 1:1 instruction that is designed to leverage your strengths, improve your weaknesses and help you reach your highest potential.

Learn the foundations and beyond

Build the foundations and beyond

Our curriculum is weighted for you so you spend less time on the stuff you know and more time on the stuff you don’t. Each lesson is hand-crafted by an expert teacher and designer making them easy to absorb, retain and retrive for a more efficient learning process.

Learn on your time, not ours

Learn on your time, not ours

Never worry about missing a class or falling behind. Your instructor will work out a timeline based on your schedule so you can learn at your own pace, but still stay on track to meet your goals.

Better together

Better together

Practice soft skills and engage with an active and supportive community where you can share your progress, learn from others and develop genuine connections with fellow students that are all making the exciting transition into UX/UI design.

The right tools for the job

The right tools for the job

Great tools have the power to elevate your skills as a UX/UI designer. Students of our program get access to the best tools in the industry, at a serious discount — valued at over $400. Plus a complete project management system and portfolio site builder for free!

Be unique

Be unique

By the end, you will have built your own product from start to finish with an original portfolio and case study, perfectly positioning you to stand out against the competition and get you noticed and hired fast.

How we're different

1 Mindfulness is our mission

We teach mindful design and interaction practices to help cultivate mindful designers and create more inclusive, ethical and sustainble products.

2 There with you and for you

Our instructors are professional designers and teachers that will help remove the guesswork and show you the shortcuts to break-in and thrive in the fast-paced world of product design.

3 Design thinking and beyond

Along with form and function, you’ll learn to communicate the business value behind design and implement user-centered product strategies.

4 Amazing student outcomes

Don't just take our word for it. We encourage you to read our student testimonials, stories and reviews from around the web.

Jamey Hansen

"I chose DesignerUp specifically because of their philosophy, focus on mindful and inclusive design and 1:1 coaching and self-paced, and personalized approach. This beginning was a magic moment of discovery."

Jamey Hansen

Lifestyle and wellness creative technologist

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum will take you through the entire UX/UI and design thinking process in a step-by-step and practical way.

Lessons are 100% HD videos along with text interactive, quizzes, and downloadable design source files.

Learn with any of these apps!
  • Module 1: Course Introduction
  • Module 2: How To Think And Communicate
  • Module 3: UX Research and Design
  • Module 4: Business and Product Strategy
  • Module 5: IA and User Interaction Design
  • Module 6: Design Fundamentals and Branding
  • Module 7: Usability Principles
  • Module 8: User Interface Design
  • Module 9: Designing the MVP
  • Module 10: Optimizing your Workflow
  • Module 11: Capstone / Final Project

Meet Your Instructors

Our team brings over a decade of experience and their mindful design and interaction philosophy to teaching designers how to excel and communicate better in the fast-paced world of digital product design.

Elizabeth Alli
Elizabeth Alli

Elizabeth is a trained teacher and has been a product designer (UX/UI) for over 13 years leading design teams at some of the most influential startups in Silicon Valley. As a mindfulness practitioner she helps each student awaken their inner potential and encourages the creation of more kind and compassionate digital products.

Eric Alli
Eric Alli

Eric is a full stack developer and designer that has been building software open-source projects and enterprise-scale applications for 15+ years. Eric has taught at a number of UX/UI design schools and gives talks on design, software and engineering.

Meet Our Students

We've educated hundreds of aspiring designers from around the globe to help make their transition into UX/UI design a reality.

"This course has been life changing for me...I am amazed by what I learn with every lesson. I have grown confident about my skills and improvement with UX/UI in 5 months so far."

Testimonial - Belina C.
Belinda C.
Graphic Designer

"The mentorship and information that I received during this course was so amazing that I have been able to transition from my career to UX before I completed the course."

Testimonial - Emily S.
Emily S.
UX/UI Designer @ Bank of America

"Great way to learn UX/UI by seeing real-world examples. I love how you can contact the instructors and other students within the course to get feedback and learn from them."

Testimonial - Ajinthan S.
Ajinthan S.
Front-end Developer

"Elizabeth I read a ton, I'm a pretty experienced designer and art director and I think I have a pretty good head for marketing, yet I'm sheepishly admitting that, over the course of this class, you've been forcing me to look at websites in whole new ways."

Testimonial - Aaron P.
Aaron P.
Art Director

"This course is helping to structure my product design thinking. It combines business, design, metric, and technical skills under one roof. I highly recommend this course to people who are interested in understanding how a product is developed."

Testimonial - Pak C.
Pak C.
Coding Instructor

"This course is amazing! The quality, affordability and relevance of the content is what I appreciate most. Elizabeth is a wonderful mentor and is always willing to work through any questions or concerns I have."

Testimonial - Myriah C.
Myriah C.
UX Designer

"Elizabeth is the epitome of everything a mentor and teacher should be: invested; curious; empathetic; empowering; communicative; and mindful. I couldn't recommend working with Elizabeth (and DesignerUp!) more — I wouldn't be the designer, operator, and mindful human being I am today without her."

Testimonial - Jeremy N.
Jeremy N.
Founder @ dormops

"I come from the Business and Marketing background and I wanted to switch into more Product Marketing Design. The great in-depth course of product UX/UI design functions was extremely helpful for me. The course is very comprehensive with a lot of super useful and meaningful techniques to learn. The instruction style was very easy to follow and I appreciate all of the designer discounts."

Testimonial - Knarik A.
Knarik A.
Digital Marketer

"DesignerUp teaches you to start with the 'why' and the 'who' rather than the 'what', and Elizabeth delivers ever so thoughtfully! This course is 100% worth it just for the research portion alone! But what really makes this course stand apart from the others is the clear passion the instructors have for answering and over-delivering for their students."

Testimonial - Brennan M.
Brennan M
Founder / Product Designer @ MyWayy

"Excellent, informative tutorials covering design thinking, interaction design practices through the entire process of digital user experience and product design."

Testimonial - Nick B.
Nick B.
Creative Director

"The information I have learned is invaluable and a must for anyone looking to start a career in this field."

Testimonial - Todd R.
Todd R.
UX/UI Designer

"This master class is the best you’ll find online!, it was beyond my expectations. It has everything you need to know about UX and UI."

Testimonial - Priscila Q.
Priscila Q.
Product Designer @ HEB

"Loving the course so far! I have a full time job and being able to work on the Modules/Assignments on my time has been a big plus for me. The videos are never too long. I'm always able to pause and take notes. Big fan and i'm looking forward to learning more."

Testimonial - Beatrice P.
Beatrice P.
Insurance Claims Analyst

"So far I am pleased with this course. I think the videos are a good length and easy to consume, and I really like how there are assignments after each one and the feedback I get from them. I would highly recommend!"

Testimonial - Krysti S.
Nathan B.
Junior Web Designer

"The new resources I have already gained have been amazing. I have found myself with ah ha moments and already viewing websites completely different."

Testimonial - Krysti S.
Krysti S.
Marketing Director

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Is this program for beginners?

This program is well suited for students of any skill level. The curriculum starts with the fundamentals and takes you all the way through to advanced concepts.

How long will this course take?

Short answer: 3-6 months on average.

Long answer: Students who plan to work full-time (20 hours a week) on the course will finish in 3 months on average. Students who plan to work part-time (10 hours a week) on the course will finish in 6 months on average.

Will I earn a certificate?

Yes! — You will earn a certificate of completion once you’ve finished the program and submitted your portfolio case study.

You will also receive a LinkedIn certificate link to add to your LinkedIn profile to reference acquired skills to potential employers.

Will I be job ready after this course?

Once you’ve finished the program you will be equipped with a completely custom portfolio and impressive case study, a certificate of completion to show to potential employers and the ability to design your own marketable products from scratch or freelance for clients.

Do you do career placement or job guarantee?

The goal of this course is to equip you with the skills needed to succeed as a professional product designer and help you find your career path. We do not offer career placement or a job guarantee, however our alumni may apply to our Talent Collective program to have companies reach out to them for intros.

How long will I have access to the course?

Course access is for life and free updates forever!