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Learn UI/UX and product design, build your portfolio and become a mindful designer with our instructor-led program that is customized for you.

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Welcome to the passionate and the curious!

If all of your career explorations have led you here, then you are probably pretty passionate about making a positive impact through technology. Whether you want to land a job in product design, level up your skills, or build your own products this is the program for you.

What you'll learn

In this program, you’ll learn the hard skills, soft skills, and processes used by effective product designers.

UX Design

Learn how to talk to users, understand their needs, conduct, and analyze research and gather important insights.

UI Design

Develop a keen visual eye for component design, information architecture, and best usability and interaction practices.

Business Strategy

Learn how to measure business metrics, Design ROI and communicate the value of your designs.

How The Program Works

There are certain disciplines, deliverables, and skills to learn that are universal to the work we do as digital product designers but how we learn them is an individual journey.

The Path

Learning made for you

Strategize with your instructor and enter into a custom learning path and personalized instruction space created just for you to access the tools, and develop the mindsets needed to achieve your learning and career goals.

Learning made for you
Robust content
The Material

Robust content

Begin a rigorous program of original HD video lessons and challenging assignments. Download templates and resources. Come up with your own idea and design an entire product from start to finish at your own pace.

The Workspace

Easily manage your learning

Each student gets their very own project management system to help them organize UX research, take notes, and upload deliverables for use inside the program and into your professional life.

Easily manage your learning
Join our Circle
The Community

Join our Circle

Become a part of our huge community of designers in our DesignerUp Circle. A place for you to learn from each other, grow your network and collaborate!

The Industry

Get noticed and hired

Create the most magnetic portfolio and case studies with our one-click template system (that will save you hundreds of hours and get you lots of job offers!)

Get noticed and hired
Learning made for you
The Perks

Exclusive app discounts

Get the tools you need at fraction of the price from our design partners (Sketch, Figma, Invision, and more) that only we can offer.

Our Curriculum

A robust and exciting, instructor-guided curriculum to take you through the entire design thinking process and beyond.

Work at your own pace on a part-time (6 months) or full-time (3 months) schedule.
Learn with any of these apps!
  • Module 1

    Course Introduction

    3 lessons

    Get to know what you’ll be learning in this course.

    • What you'll be learning
    • Course breakdown
    • What is product design?
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 2

    How To Think And Communicate

    5 lessons

    Overview approaches like Design thinking, Systems thinking, Marketing thinking and Mindful design and interaction practices.

    • Design thinking
    • Systems thinking
    • Business thinking
    • Product thinking
    • Marketing thinking
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 3

    UX Research and Design

    14 lessons

    Learn how to use user- centered design thinking to empathize with your users and understand their problems by conducting qualitative and quantitative research and synthesizing information into deliverables.

    • What is UX Design and Research?
    • Inspiration and ideation phase
    • Research and Organization
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Minimum Viable Audience
    • Needs vs Solutions
    • Survey
    • User Interviews
    • Empathy Map
    • Personas
    • Journey Map
    • Problem Statement
    • User Scenario
    • Summary and Resources
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 4

    Business and Product Strategy

    4 lessons

    Understand how business needs play into your product roadmap and how distill your research into features and a go- to-market strategy.

    • Project Goals
    • Lean Canvas
    • Product Roadmap
    • MVP Features
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 5

    Information Architecture and User Interaction Design

    3 lessons

    Learn to organize, structure, categorize and connect the information and pages contained in your product.

    • What is Information Architecture?
    • What is User Interaction Design
    • Site Map
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 6

    Design Fundamentals and Branding

    12 lessons

    Learn about color, typography, visual hierarchy, layouts and grids and alignment and how to apply these things to your user interfaces.

    • Visual Design
    • Inspiration and Mood board
    • Color
    • Typography
    • Imagery
    • Graphics and SVGs
    • Icons
    • Buttons
    • Naming and Logo
    • Style tile
    • Layout
    • Composition and Grid
    • Visual Hierarchy
    • Module Quiz and Design Challenge
  • Module 7

    Usability Principles

    3 lessons

    Learn best practices and psychological laws and principles for improving usability and functionality.

    • 6 Principles of Interface Design
    • 6 Gestalt Principles in UI Design
    • 10 Usability Hieristics in UI Design
    • Module Quiz
  • Module 8

    User Interface Design

    9 lessons

    Dive deep into crafting the user interface components, states, interactions and flows of your design.

    • What is User Interface Design
    • Content-First Approach
    • Static vs Dynamic Web Pages
    • Wireframes
    • User and Task Flows
    • Component Design
    • Design Patterns
    • Dividers
    • Boxes and Borders
    • Design Test and Challenge
  • Module 9

    Designing the MVP

    8 lessons

    Take all of research, flows and components you’ve created and turn it into high fidelity screen designs of your product.

    • Setting Up Our Workflow
    • Homepage Design
    • Login Page Design
    • Text Styles
    • New User Dashboard Page Design
    • Search Results Page Design
    • Dashboard Page Design
    • Book Group Page Design
  • Module 10

    Optimizing your Workflow

    4 lessons

    Learn how to work more efficiently by learning about design systems and how to create faster, more streamlined workflows.

    • Sketch Symbols and Overrides Overview
    • Using Symbols
    • Overrides and Layer Styles
    • Responsive Design and Hand-Off
  • Module 11

    Capstone / Final Project

    1 lesson

    Put the finishing touches on your final project and prepare your case study for your portfolio. You’ll also receive your certificate of completion and Linkedin license badge.

    • Final Assignment and Certification

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    The Outcome

    At the end of this transformative 3-6 months you can expect to be able to do the following:

    • Design beautiful, functional digital products
    • Stand out from others in the field
    • Understand business metrics and strategy
    • Communicate more effectively with other team members
    • Create a magnetic portfolio and case study
    • Master design tools and optimize your workflow
    • Position yourself as a high-value designer in the industry

    Our framework for success

    Our M.I.N.D.F.U.L framework is designed to help you develop a healthy mindset and equip you to take on any design challenge and feel grounded in your ability to make design decisions and communicate with others.

    Learn about our design philosophy →
    Our Mindful Framework

    Meet Your Instructors

    Our team brings over a decade of experience and their mindful design and interaction philosophy to teaching designers how to excel and communicate better in the fast-paced world of digital product design.

    Elizabeth Alli
    Elizabeth Alli

    Elizabeth is a trained teacher and has been a product designer (UI/UX) for over 13 years leading design teams at some of the most influential startups in Silicon Valley. As a mindfulness practitioner she helps each student awaken their inner potential and encourages the creation of more kind and compassionate digital products.

    Eric Alli
    Eric Alli

    Eric is a full stack developer and designer that has been building software open-source projects and enterprise-scale applications for 15+ years. Eric has taught at a number of UI/UX design schools and gives talks on design, software and engineering.


    We aim to make our course as affordable and high-quality as possible. If you don’t find the content and instructor to be extremely valuable you can request a refund within 14 days.

    $1997 $1497 one-time fee
    • Lifetime access to content
    • Assignment feedback
    • Private community access
    • Student perks and discounts
    • Exclusive job board
    • Book club access
    • Project management workspace
    • Portfolio site creator
    • 2 hours of 1:1 instruction
    • 1:1 chat strategy session
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    $2497 $1997 one-time fee
    • Lifetime access to content
    • Assignment feedback
    • Private community access
    • Student perks and discounts
    • Exclusive job board
    • Book club access
    • Project management workspace
    • Portfolio site creator
    • 5 hours of 1:1 instruction
    • 2, 1:1 video strategy sessions
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    Is this program for me?


    This course is well suited for students of any skill level. The curriculum starts with the fundamentals and takes you all the way through to advanced concepts.

    This master course will be customized to your needs by your instructor. Whether your goal is to land a higher-paying job in product design, build and sell your products, or work as a freelancer.


    How long will this course take?


    This course is self-paced with on-demand lessons. Students enroll on a rolling basis and take the course at their leisure. On average, students complete the course in 3-6 months. It is a great choice for those that have other personal or work obligations but would still like to complete a rigorous program of study with direct 1:1 instruction alongside an engaged community of peers.


    How many portfolio projects will I have?


    You will have designed one complete product from start to finish guided by your instructor. You can then choose to retake the program on your own as many times and wish to create more unique case studies if you require!


    How does the instruction work?


    You'll get access to a dedicated personal space where you can track your 1:1 instruction hours, book strategy sessions, view tailored content, and interact with your mentors. Your instruction ends once you have maxed out your tier plan hours.


    Do you offer a job guarantee?


    The goal of our course is to equip you with the skills needed to succeed as a professional product designer and help you find your career path. We do not offer a job guarantee but we do prepare you with all the skills you need to get hired and succeed in the work that you do!

    Our students are working at some amazing places included Bank of America, Whirlpool, and John Deere.

    Beware of bootcamps that do offer a job guarantee as most are easily voided if you miss just one of an incredibly long list of requirements.


    How long will I have access to the course?


    You will have access to the course content and our community for life.


    How do you keep your prices so low?


    We believe in diversity and equity in design, it is a practice that starts with addressing who is able to afford high-quality education in the first place. It's our goal to keep our prices as low and accessible as possible to help designers from all walks of life enter into the field of product design.


    Will I be certified when I'm done?


    You will receive a certificate of completion, a reference letter from your instructor and mentor, documentation of the skills you've acquired, and a Linkedin license badge. We are not a university accredited program.


    What will I learn from this program?


    You will learn the disciplines of UI, UX, IxD, Business, Product Strategy, and Personal branding through our unique M.I.N.D.F.U.L framework that helps you develop soft skills like cross-functional team communication, mindfulness, and empathy. This equips you to defend your design decisions, raise the design maturity of organizations, and becoming a design leader.


    What format is the program material and content?


    You will experience an original curriculum (no rehashed or curated content). 74+ video lessons (and growing), PDF notes (so you don't have to take your own) interactive quizzes, design source files, written content, and deep-dive exercises and books.


    What am I paying for?


    Lifetime access to the course content and community and a copy of our custom-built project management system and 1:1 communication with your instructors.


    Will I get career guidance?


    We believe that your career doesn't just start the day you end our program, many of our students get hired before they even finish! Our career guidance is baked into the program from your first strategy session and through community networking and support. For maximum career guidance and strategy, we highly recommend our Plus tier.


    Which tier should I choose?


    Core: Good option for those that want essential course based feedback and instructor interaction.

    Plus: Best for designers that want more career guidance, workplace advice and maximum, direct instructor access.


    Can I get my employer to pay for the course?


    Yes! Many employers are happy to invest in your continued education. Read more about the information employees might need below.

    Guide for your employer →


    Is there a money-back guarantee?


    Try the course for 14 days if you do the work and you don't find it incredibly useful and get value from it, we'll give you your money back! Yep that's right, it's totally no risk and remember that the course is only going to keep getting better with new lessons added and improvements to existing ones.