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Product Design Master Course

Get paid to design digital products by becoming a master of UI/UX.

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Course Highlights

Not Just UI/UX Design

A tailored program to learn product (UI/UX) design through original, instructor-led lessons at your own pace.

Product Design Master Course
  • Instructor-led
  • Program tailored to you
  • Interactive course platform
  • Original lessons with feedback
  • Portfolio & case study creation
  • Learn on your own time
  • Mindful design philosophy
  • Supportive design community
  • Get a certificate at the end

How The Course Works

No two students are alike, so why should your education be?

Our instructor-guided program is customized to every student to help you master product design and become a professional in the industry no matter where you're starting from.

Get setup
Get setup

Get instant access to our online, interactive course platform and discounts to all the major design apps and resources you might need.

Learning made for you, not everyone else
Learning made for you, not everyone else

Kick things off with a custom strategy session with your instructor to plan your learning journey and customize your program.

Start working, no hard deadlines
Start working, no hard deadlines

Watch short, digestible HD video lessons whenever you want, follow assignment prompts, download resources and post your assignment for instructor feedback.

Taught, not mentored
Taught, not mentored

Your instructor will guide you 1:1 through each assignment whenever you need help.

Show off your hard work
Show off your hard work

Set up your portfolio and case study with your instructor. Perfectly branded to you and your career goals.

Grab that shiny certificate
Grab that shiny certificate

While there is no universal standardizing body for UI/UX certificates, you can use our certification to verify your skills training with employers.

Let the jobs come to you
Let the jobs come to you

You'll be well prepared to start applying for positions you're passionate about, receiving recruiter requests, building and selling your own products or freelancing when you're done!

Our content is all original and based on the principles of Mindful Design and Interaction. You’ll learn not just the theory, but the practical application of Design Thinking and creating products that contribute positively to our world!

Mindfulness is our mission

Our Curriculum

Inside you’ll find

11 Modules, 74+ Lessons, Endless design enlightenment

  • 01
    Course Intro
    • What you'll be learning
    • Course breakdown
    • What is product design?
    • Module Quiz
    3 lessons
  • 02
    How To Think And Communicate
    • Design thinking
    • Systems thinking
    • Business thinking
    • Product thinking
    • Marketing thinking
    • Module Quiz
    5 lessons
  • 03
    UX Research and Design
    • What is UX Design and Research?
    • Inspiration and ideation phase
    • Research and Organization
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Minimum Viable Audience
    • Needs vs Solutions
    • Survey
    • User Interviews
    • Empathy Map
    • Personas
    • Journey Map
    • Problem Statement
    • User Scenario
    • Summary and Resources
    • Module Quiz
    14 lessons
  • 04
    Project and Business Requirements
    • Project Goals
    • Lean Canvas
    • Product Roadmap
    • MVP Features
    • Module Quiz
    4 lessons
  • 05
    Information Architecture and User Interaction Design
    • What is Information Architecture?
    • What is User Interaction Design
    • Site Map
    • Module Quiz
    3 lessons
  • 06
    Design Fundamentals and Branding
    • Visual Design
    • Inspiration and Mood board
    • Color
    • Typography
    • Imagery
    • Graphics and SVGs
    • Icons
    • Buttons
    • Naming and Logo
    • Style tile
    • Layout
    • Composition and Grid
    • Visual Hierarchy
    • Module Quiz and Design Challenge
    12 lessons
  • 07
    Design Principles
    • 6 Principles of Interface Design
    • 6 Gestalt Principles in UI Design
    • 10 Usability Hieristics in UI Design
    • Module Quiz
    3 lessons
  • 08
    User Interface Design
    • What is User Interface Design
    • Content-First Approach
    • Static vs Dynamic Web Pages
    • Wireframes
    • User and Task Flows
    • Component Design
    • Design Patterns
    • Dividers
    • Boxes and Borders
    • Design Test and Challenge
    9 lessons
  • 09
    Designing the MVP
    • Setting Up Our Workflow
    • Homepage Design
    • Login Page Design
    • Text Styles
    • New User Dashboard Page Design
    • Search Results Page Design
    • Dashboard Page Design
    • Book Group Page Design
    8 lessons
  • 10
    Optimizing your Workflow
    • Sketch Symbols and Overrides Overview
    • Using Symbols
    • Overrides and Layer Styles
    • Responsive Design and Hand-Off
    3 lessons
  • 11
    Capstone/Final Project
    • Final Assignment and Certification
    1 lesson

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    Student Stories

    Our former students are off designing all sorts of exciting things! Here are a few of their stories and outcomes.

    Priscila Quijada

    Priscila Quijada from Dentist to UI/UX Designer

    Elizabeth is not only an amazing mentor, but also an amazing human being. She is always open to answer, even when she doesn't have to.

    View the full story →
    Keiko Okura

    Keiko Okura from Business Administrator to UI/UX Designer

    It was not just listening to lectures. All the assignment made me use the things I learned in the lessons so I could make the skills practical.

    View the full story →
    Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh from Engineer to Product Designer

    Doing a project from scratch became so much easier for me because there was a task after the end of each video and if you keep doing all your assignments.

    View the full story →
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    Elizabeth Alli

    Elizabeth Alli

    Founder of DesignerUp

    Elizabeth is a trained teacher and product designer that has been working in the field of UI/UX for 11 years and teaching for 6. She is a mindfulness practitioner and integrates her philosophy of mindful design and interaction to help each student awaken their inner potential and encourage the creation of more kind and compassionate digital products.

    DesignerUp is currently closed for enrollment.

    We will be launching our new program in Mid March.

    Drop you email here to be added to the waitlist and notified when enrollment reopens!



    Is this Master Course for me?


    This master course will be customized to your needs by your instructor. The curriculum starts off with the fundamentals and then takes you all the way through to advanced product design concepts. Everything from user research, typography, to component design, information architecture, business strategy and more. So whether you are a beginner that is learning UI/UX and product design for the first time or a designer that wants to master product design this course is tailor made to get you there.


    How does the instruction work?


    • You will start off with a personal strategy session with your instructor to establish your learning goals and customize your program.
    • You will have 1 on 1 sessions with your instructor to discuss your coursework, designs or career.
    • You will get feedback on every assignment you post to the portal.


    I am already a designer, will this course help me?


    Maybe you are coming from another design discipline like graphic or visual design or are already a working UI or UX designer but notice some gaps in your design knowledge. This course goes very in-depth and ramps up with a teaching model to help you boost your existing knowledge and introduce you to new ways of thinking. Because the course is personalized to you, you can focus on what you want to learn!


    Will I be job ready after this course?


    Once you’ve finished the program you will be equipped with a completely custom portfolio and very impressive case study, a certificate of completion to show to potential employers, a reference from your instructor and a plan to go out an apply for the jobs you want, design your own marketable products from scratch or freelance for clients.


    Do you do career placement or job guarantee?


    The goal for our course is to equip you with the skills needed to succeed as professional product designer and help you find your career path. We do not however offer a job guarantee and instead support our students in all their endeavors from applying to roles at large and small companies, freelancing for their own clients or building their own digital products. We don’t place you in a position, but we do prepare you with all the skills you need to get hired and succeed in the work that you do!


    How long with I have access to the course?


    Course access is for life and free updates forever 🙂


    Can I get my employer to pay for the course?


    Yes! Many employers are happy to invest in your continued education. Read more about the information employees might need below.

    Guide for your employer →


    Is there a money-back guarantee?


    Try the course for 14 days if you do the work and you don't find it incredibly useful and get value from it, we'll give you your money back! Yep that's right, it's totally no risk and remember that the course is only going to keep getting better with new lessons added and improvements to existing ones.