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Becoming a Product Designer

An in-depth guide to the career, work and tools of a modern digital product designer.

Becoming a Product Designer

In this book we’re going to cover: 

  • What we all have in common 
  • The product design industry 
  • How to get into the industry 
  • Roles and responsibilities 
  • 3 most important things to focus on 
  • How DesignerUp can help 



What We All Have In Common

The mindset and desire to problem solve and create better solutions through digital products.


UX/UI Designer vs Product Designer

UX/UI and Product Designers share a lot of common disciplines and responsibilities, but there are some few key differences that are important to note.


Product Design Industry Overview

The product design model and layers of design


How to Make the Transition Into Product Design

The things you need to know to move into a professional role

Elizabeth Alli

About the Author

Elizabeth Alli, Co-founder @ DesignerUp

Elizabeth is a senior product designer who has worked in the product design industry for the last 14 years for B2B and B2C startups in silicon valley. She is currently founder of DesignerUp school where she teaches UX/UI and product design with a mindful approach.