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Freelancer to Paidlancer Ebook

Get clients, get hired, get paid and run your freelance design business more effectively.

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Freelancer to Paidlancer Ebook

What's Inside

In this book, you'll learn how to create an irresistible freelance portfolio, network, land clients and manage your project workflows so you can run your freelance design business more effectively.

Includes both PDF and EPUB formats.

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Chapter 1: Finding Clients

Learn how to create your portfolio, the paidlancer mindset, finding potential jobs and applying, building your brand and networking.


Chapter 2: Keeping Clients

Understand how to pitch to potential clients, prepare the project brief and estimate, and creating your contract/service agreement.


Chapter 3: Managing Clients

Learn how to manage your client project, time-keeping and documenting your work, working with an in-house team, scope-creep and check-in points, invoicing and billing and project hand-off

Charles Haddock

"This really is the definitive guide to freelancing as a designer. It gave me all the tools I needed to kick start my freelance business, including sample contracts, invoices and step-by-step guides. Highly recommended!"

Charles Haddock Freelance UX Designer
Elizabeth Alli

About the Author

Elizabeth Alli, Co-founder @ DesignerUp

Elizabeth is a senior product designer who has worked in the product design industry for the last 14 years for B2B and B2C startups in silicon valley. She is currently founder of DesignerUp school where she teaches UX/UI and product design with a mindful approach.