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Notion UX Job Tracker

Job hunting is hard, make it easier with our UX and Product Design Job and Internship tracker for Notion!

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Notion UX Job Tracker

This UX job tracker built on Notion has everything you need:

Notion makes it incredibly easy to create advanced spreadsheets and pages with simple drag and drop functionality to track your job hunting and application process. This template includes all the section you need built out for you: 
  • Area to upload your resume and cover letter
  • Quick link section (so you can have you social media handles and resume links easily accessible!) 
  • List of best job boards for product designers 
  • Career references and tutorials
  • Master database to easily track all positions and their status (with formulas so you know when to follow up!)
  • A Contact list master database
  • A Kanban view to drag and drop jobs as their status changes


Over 1000 downloads and counting...

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