How to stand out as a new UI/UX designer

How can a new or junior UX/UX designer stand out and get hired? Sometimes the best way to get more attention is by going smaller. If you're deciding whether or not to niche down as a UI/UX or Product designer here are some reasons why you might want to. Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:23 - What I mean by industry 00:35 - Why and when you might want to niche down 01:03 - Job enjoyment 01:29 - Save time and energy 02:05 - Experience takes time 02:30 - Product-designer fit 03:21 - What's most important 🔗 Full article here - 📚 Product Design (UI/UX) Course - 📝 DesignerUp Blog - 📺 DesignerUp Free Live Webinars -

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