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Kickstart Your Career in UI/UX and Product Design

Thinking of transitioning into a fulfilling career as a UI/UX or Product Designer? Not exactly sure how these roles differ, what's right for you or how to get started? This workshop goes through some of the most common questions and concerns that arise when making the switch to UI/UX and Product Design. Whether you're coming from an entirely different industry or from another design discipline. These tips and actionable steps will set you on the right path to your dream career!

What this talk we cover:
  • Introduction
  • UI, UX and Product Design, what's the difference?
  • How to know which role right for you
  • Figure out who you want to work for
  • 5 tips to get you started
  • How to leverage your story to create an irresistible portfolio (regardless of skill or experience level!)
  • Actionable portfolio-building tips
  • Q&A


Elizabeth Alli
Elizabeth Alli Founder, DesignerUp