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A cloud-based interface design tool that helps you design and collaborate in one place.


About Figma

Figma is built for your entire product design workflow. Create and collaborate on a design file. Prototype interactions. Share a link to your file or prototype. Gather feedback via comments. And grab all the code snippets and specs you need for development.

Figma is the current reigning queen of collaborative design software. Originally built to be used in your browser, they also offer a desktop version for both Mac and Windows so anyone can use it anywhere.

It's truly limitless designer-centric features offer everything you need to create digital products as a UX/UI or product designer on your own or with small or large teams. It's become the industry standard, relied on and trusted by some of the largest product companies in the world.

Here are some ways you can use it:
  • Create wireframes and wire-flows
  • Prototype things together very quickly
  • Generate shareable presentations from your designs
  • Whiteboard and brainstorm with your team mates 
  • Create presentations and slideshows edit and share them on the fly
  • Create high-fidelity, pixel perfect designs 
  • User auto-layout to magically create responsive, adaptive mock-ups
  • Comment and redline designs for developer hand-off
  • Use the inspector panel to peak under the hood at the CSS of your designs to make developer communication even easier
  • Automate you work with amazing plugins
  • Borrow from an extensive library of existing resources and UI kits from the Figma community
Figma is excellent for really owning the entire product design process and solve high-level problems and collaborate on solutions. 

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