5 Best Design Systems and How to Learn (and Steal) From Them

Design systems (like Material Design, and Lightning Design) are all the rage and while most articles talk about what a design system is and best practices for creating them, at DesignerUp we've been framing them as a teaching tool and design tutorial with our product design students to help them better understand, explore and learn the philosophies, best practices and principles of UI design, UX and Product Design. 🔗 MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO ⊚ Full article here | https://designerup.co/blog/10-best-design-systems-and-how-to-learn-and-steal-from-them/ ⊚ Get Notion for Free | https://notion.grsm.io/w8dghl0z84eh ⊚ Links to Case Study Generators | https://designerup.co/blog/ux-case-study-idea-generators/ ⊚ Download our Case Study Builder for Notion - https://designerup.co/shop/notion-product-design-portfolio-template-pack

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