UI Design: How to Choose Colors for Map Data

There are lot of tutorials that detail how to choose color palettes and general branding colors for your websites and user interfaces. But what about choosing colors for more complex data, like maps, charts, diagrams and other statistic visualizations? The process of choosing colors for simple UI patterns can be a lot different than choosing them for more complex UI Data. In this video, I'll show you how I tackle a the problem of choose legend colors for map data ​ ​ 🔗 Full post here - https://ghost.designerup.co/ui-problems-how-to-choose-colors-for-ui-data/ 📚 Product Design (UI/UX) Course - https://designerup.co/product-design-ui-ux-course 📝 DesignerUp Blog -https://designerup.co/blog 📺 DesignerUp Webinars -https://designerup.co/webinars

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