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UX/UI Portfolio Crash Course

Advice and tips for creating your Product, UX/UI Designer portfolio and case studies

UX/UI Portfolio Crash Course


As a UX/UI or Product Designer, your portfolio is your calling card, it's your first digital impression and the visual introduction to the work that you do and the value you are able to provide. But not all portfolios are created equal. Nor should they be. Creating a portfolio and case studies should show your unique process, skills and abilities -- It's a product in and of itself. It takes self-awareness, research, good writing, storytelling and formatting to create a strong portfolio and case study. It also requires you to know yourself and your goals, as well as your audience and their needs.

In this free crash course, you'll learn how and where to create a portfolio and some things to consider when doing so. How to understand the type of work you want to go after and how to position yourself at the intersection of you and your idea audience.