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UX/UI Portfolio Crash Course

Advice and tips for creating your Product, UX/UI Designer portfolio and case studies

Setting up your portfolio Notion

There are many platforms in which you can setup your portfolio and case studies. You can use a hosted portfolio platform like Behance or Dribbble. You could create and host your own website, you could use a no-code builder like WordPress or Webflow. But I've found that the easiest and most effective way to get start is to use a free tool called Notion.

In this lesson, we'll show you how you can setup a Notion portfolio on your own, or with 1-click using our proven portfolio and case study template.

We'll also compare some of the pros and cons of using other solutions and how you can use Notion to plan and format your portfolio and case study before publishing it elsewhere.

The key is to use whatever platform allows you to get your portfolio up quickly and keep it updated and maintained with as little fuss as possible. And Notion is one of the best ways to do that.


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