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UX/UI Portfolio Crash Course

Advice and tips for creating your Product, UX/UI Designer portfolio and case studies

Product Design (UX/UI) Career Paths

There are many different career paths you can take as a UI/UX or Product designer. However, it's not always clear from the title what type of responsibilities you'll have or specific skills you might need. That really depends on the context and things like the type of organization, the type of product and the stage the product or company is in.

Do you want to freelance for clients doing UX/UI or do you prefer the stability of a full-time role as a UX researcher in a larger company on a larger team?

The amazing thing about becoming a UX/UI designer is that you can do either of these and many things in between!

In this lesson, we'll break down the different types of companies you can work for and help you decide what's best for you so you can start showcasing the right type of projects in your portolio and case studies.