Canva’s NEW Responsive Website Builder! | Easy Portfolio Tutorial

Canva released an impressive new website builder that let's you design and publish a responsive 1-page website directly to the web! It's extremely easy to use and edit. I was able to create this entire portfolio website in about 15 minutes! It's got some really cool hidden features too that make it an especially good choice for Product and UX/UI designers that are creating their portfolios online. ⏱ TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro to Canva's website's builder 00:38 - How to start off your web design 00:50 - Preview website templates 1:20 - Drag and drop sections to create your web page 1:39 - Customizing the sections and templates 3:05 - Adding new layouts 06:42 - Apply Font and Color Styles 07:31 - Hidden Feature - Background Video 08:35 - Hidden Feature - Record yourself 09:00 - Adding a navigation 09:38 - Preview on mobile

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