How to Customize Notion Icons and Emojis | Notion app tutorial

Ever see those Notion workspaces with the cute custom icons? Wondering how you can setup your Notion app like that? This short 5 minute Notion tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily change your Notion icons. This video is for anyone using Notion! Whether that's: ✅ Notion for personal use ✅ Notion for designers ✅ Notion for business ✅ Notion for students ✅ Notion for teachers ✅ Notion for work 🔥 Where to get the icons: 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 ―――――――――― 🔖 Click here to download this entire template pack! 🗣 How do you customize Notion? Let us know in the comments 🔗 Full article here - 📚 Product Design (UI/UX) Course - 📝 DesignerUp Blog - 📺 DesignerUp Free Live Webinars -

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