UI Design Color Palette Generators

How do I start off choosing the color palettes for my UI designs? There are a couple of color palette generators that I recommend when you're just starting out and you are still getting the hang of color theory, color harmony and choosing color schemes and color palettes for your designs. 🎨 Go to: https://www.happyhues.co/ 💌 Shoutout to Mackenzie for this lovely little tool https://www.mackenziechild.me/ 🗣 Do you have a favorite color picker tool? Post below and let's help each other in the comments! 📚 Product Design (UI/UX) Course - https://designerup.co/product-design-ui-ux-course 📘 Need a quick refresher of the entire UI/UX design process? Grab our product design manual - https://go.designerup.co/product-design-manual 📝 DesignerUp Blog -https://designerup.co/blog 📺 DesignerUp Free Live Webinars -https://designerup.co/webinars

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