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Becoming a Product (UX/UI) Designer

In this live webinar we're talking about the work that product designers do, how they do it and what you need to learn to start landing roles in the world of UX/UI and Product Design.

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From Graphic Designer to UX/UI

In this workshop you'll learn about the biggest hurdles that graphic designers face, how to start thinking like a UX/UI designer, how to create a portfolio that showcases your new skills and how to land high-paying UX/UI jobs!

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From Non-Designer to UX/UI: Making the Transition From Another Field

Whether you're just testing the waters or ready to make the leap into the exciting world of design. I'll be sharing with you what you'll need to know to make a successful transition and how you can tap into the UX superpower you might not even know you already have.

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The Evolution of UI/UX and the Rise of Product Design

UX/UI is evolving and the field of design is going through a shift. In this talk I'm going to reveal the problems with UX, the state of the industry, where it's headed and how you can can be a part of it.

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Kickstart Your Career in UI/UX and Product Design

Thinking of transitioning into a fulfilling career as a UI/UX or Product Designer? These tips and actionable steps will set you on the right path to your dream career!

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5 Best Kept Secrets to Mastering UI/UX Design

Design myths; we all fall for them from time to time, but there are some untold truths that the great UX/UI designers know.

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