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Digital product design, prototyping and collaboration platform.


About InVision

InVision App is a platform for inclusive collaboration within digital product design and development.

While InVision App does more than just prototyping, we've found it to really excel here. It's a very useful and clean solution for creating simple prototypes very quickly and easily that can be shared with users in an interactive way to mimic the real product without the need for any code. This is particular great for UX/UI and Product Designers that are conducting user research or getting stakeholder feedback.

Here are some ways you can use it:
  • Export your static design screens from Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD
  • Import (drag and drop) them into InVision
  • Create clickable hotspots (no-code) and connect screens together into flows to mimic real app interactions
  • Share a link to the prototype directly with others to test out the functionality remotely and get feedback 
  • Embed the prototype directly into your portfolio, case study, presentation or website
Getting started with InVision app is very simple. Their beautiful and user-friendly interface is well thought out and the onboarding process makes it easy to create your first prototype by simply dragging your design files into a new project. 

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